Toothpaste Hacks from HAB Dental

Boynton Beach dentist - Toothpaste Hacks from HAB Dental

Toothpaste Hacks from HAB Dental

When you visit Boynton Beach dentist Dr. Rosemary Baghdassarian (who, by the way, has opened a second dental office in Boca Raton!), you wouldn’t be surprised if the topic of toothpaste came up, right?  You would expect the team at H.A.B. dental to be interested in assuring that you are using the best tools to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

You might, however, be a little surprised if you visited our Boynton Beach dental office – or our new Boca Raton dental clinic – and were told that you can also use your toothpaste to whiten your piano keys.  

In fact, it may surprise you to learn that toothpaste can be used in a lot of ways around the house.

Toothpaste Hacks at Home

If you’re like one of the millions of people trying to make the best of things by taking care of projects around the house, we thought you might appreciate these home hacks you can accomplish with good old toothpaste. Of course, we don’t want you to use up all your toothpaste on house projects, so be sure to save enough to keep your pearly whites fresh and clean. 

According to Lifehack toothpaste can be used to: 

Clean stained coffee mugs and teacups

It happens to all of us – the inside of your favorite coffee mug becomes stained from the coffee you love. “Instead of washing up liquid, give them a good scrub with some toothpaste – your mother will never comment on your stained cups,” Lifehack says.

Polish the silver

If you haven’t found a special product or trick to clean the tarnish off your silver, try toothpaste! We’re not sure if it would be the best choice for polishing engraved pieces, but for smooth surfaces, go for it! 

As a reminder, H.A.B. Dental in Boynton Beach and our new dentist’s office in Boca Raton are currently open only for emergencies. If you need assistance, please call (561) 270-6494.

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