Happy Thanksgiving from HAB Dental

Happy Thanksgiving from HAB Dental

Happy Thanksgiving from HAB Dental

Everyone here at HAB Dental in Boynton Beach has been looking forward to Thanksgiving. Whether you like white meat or dark, mashed potatoes or sweet potato casserole, apple pie or pumpkin, we hope you and your family and friends will enjoy a wonderful and memorable meal. And please don’t forget to floss and brush afterward! (Sorry, we had to say that – taking care of our community in Boynton Beach as a dentist means reminding you to take care of your teeth every day of the year, including holidays.) 

When it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends, our first thoughts are always about all the delicious things we’ll be putting in our mouths and tummies. It’s good to remember that what comes out of our mouths can be a big part of the success of the celebration, too. 

It can be hard to remember the name of cousin Clara’s boyfriend from one holiday to the next and there’s always someone who will bring up politics (hello, Uncle George). This year, more than ever, you may want to have some conversation starters up your sleeve to help you avoid those awkward conversations at the dinner table. 

Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

Good Housekeeping has put together a collection of Thanksgiving trivia that might be just what you need to keep the conversation flowing as smoothly as the gravy.  “From which president tried to cancel Thanksgiving to how many calories the average American eats on the holiday, these Thanksgiving facts work perfectly as no-fuss conversation starters that won’t launch arguments as you pass the peas. Not to mention, your guests will be totally impressed with all your Thanksgiving trivia knowledge,” they say.

Here are a couple of ideas from Good Housekeeping to get you started: 

  • A Thanksgiving mix-up inspired the first TV dinners.  In 1953, a Swanson employee accidentally ordered a colossal shipment of Thanksgiving turkeys (260 tons, to be exact). To get rid of them all, salesman Gerry Thomas took inspiration from the prepared foods served on airplanes. He came up with the idea of filling 5,000 aluminum trays with the turkey – along with cornbread dressing, gravy, peas, and sweet potatoes to round out the meal. The 98-cents meals were a hit, especially with kids and increasingly busy households.
  • About 46 million turkeys are cooked for Thanksgiving each year. Thanksgiving without turkey would be like Christmas without a tree, and most American families consider it equally blasphemous. While not super popular the rest of the year, turkey is a huge hit for holidays, perhaps because it really serves a crowd. On Christmas, 22 million families host an encore with yet another turkey.

Whatever you will be doing to celebrate the holiday, all of us at HAB Dental of Boynton Beach, specialists in family and cosmetic dentistry, wish you the very best.

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