Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?

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Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?

If you have a sweet tooth, chances are your dentist knows about it. It’s hard to keep a secret like that from someone who cares about your teeth the way Boca Raton dentist Dr. Rosemary Baghdassarian does.

 It doesn’t matter if your weakness is ice cream or cake, cream-filled doughnuts or chocolate eclairs, candy bars or jelly beans – if you are eating sugary treats your teeth will give you away.

 The Effects of Sugar on Your Teeth

 As the folks at Colgate explain, “The bacteria in your mouth thrive on sugar as a quick energy source. The American Dental Association also explains that once your oral bacteria consume sugar, they produce acid that causes wear and tear on your teeth. When left coated in acid and sugar, your teeth are more susceptible to decay and a wearing away of enamel. “

 And, when the enamel on your teeth is compromised and decay starts to set in, you are well on your way to getting a cavity.

 Is a “Sweet Tooth” Really a Thing?

 The answer to that is a resounding, “Yes and no.”

 Normally, when we say that someone has a sweet tooth, what we really mean is that they love sweets. But sugar is highly addictive. And just like other addictive substances, the more of it you consume, the more you want.

 “Some studies have suggested sugar is as addictive as cocaine,” the Addiction Center reports.

 Have you ever reached for a candy bar or grabbed a couple of cookies when you are feeling tired and need a little pick-me-up? “Sugar releases endorphins in the body and combines with other chemicals in the body, resulting in a surge of energy,” the Addiction Center’s experts explain.

 If you only indulge your sweet tooth once in a while, you shouldn’t worry too much. We understand. (Seriously, we get it! The HAB dental team in Boynton Beach is not immune to the allure of chocolate.) It’s always a good idea to see your doctor for regular health screenings, though.

 And, of course, you’ll want to check in with Dr. Rosemary and the team at HAB Dental in Boca Raton or Boynton Beach.

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